Friday, February 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Iran: The Truth Comes Out

While the fawning media continues to paint Hillary as tough enough to handle the terror threats from her mortal enemies, her speech yesterday (to a pro-Israel group, to boot) left no doubt about the path she would take:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton drew grumbles at a pro-Israel dinner in Times Square last night when she encouraged "engaging" with Iran before taking stronger action to keep it nuke-free.
Clinton said she wasn't sure "anything positive would come out of it" and she didn't know if it was "the smartest strategy to take,"
but added, "There are a number of factors that I think argue for some attempt to do what I have suggested."

She called for a better understanding of how Iran "really functions," warning actions beyond sanctions could increase danger in the region.

"I also want to send a message, if we ever do have to take more drastic action, to the rest of the world that we exhausted all possibilities," said Clinton, who earlier rapped President Bush for refusing to engage Tehran.

Clinton's remarks at the Marriott Marquis were met with little applause, and after she left the stage, several people said they were put off by the presidential candidate….

Points to ponder:
- there is no such thing as “exhausting all possibilities”. You can always retreat further and further, giving up more and more ground while declaring victory (just ask Neville Chamberlain!).
- Is asking (or forcing) Israel to concede territory to the Palestinians to appease Iran a “possibility”? Why not? What falls under “all possibilities”? If you are banking on world opinion for support, who knows what possibilities are out there? Apparently, they are all on the table for Hillary and the Democrats…
- If this is how Hillary acts in front of a “tough on Iran” crowd (and it is fine, if these are her real feelings, which is always a difficult thing to discern), are her true intentions even more dovish, like her husband’s failed appeasement of North Korea, which allowed them to become a nuclear-armed state run by an immature psychopath? Wonder what she’ll have to say to the really left-of-center crowd…

UPDATE: Oh, Hillary! Here she speaks about the Democrat's plan to confiscate oil company profits. Gee, that'll do wonders for the stock market and 401(k)'s of every middle-class American! But she supports us, just like she supports the troops....
Silent Running puts Hillary's declaration in proper perspective {"Conspiracy to commit theft"}; and uses the "tobacco model" to project gasoline futures...

UPDATE II - 2/3 - Just how many times can one woman flip ? With Hil, it's whenever the heat gets turned up:

"We need to use every tool at our disposal, including diplomatic and economic in addition to the threat and use of military force," she added.

So this is how she speaks to AIPAC, the most influential, hawkish of Jewish influence groups. Above we saw how she spoke to a more dovish one....does this woman hold any conviction, on any issue, at all?


Erica said...

A few things:

1. Hillary is a grüß douchebag and if she takes up residence in the White House we are all doomed. But I don't need to be telling you that.

2. As I've stated before, the entire Middle East - with the exception of the mostly decent Israelis who possess a speck of intelligent brain matter - needs to be obliterated. They DO NOT play nice in that part of the world, and Hillary will do as much good by trying to open up talks with those toejams in Iran as Hanoi Jane did with the Viet-frickin-Kong.

Hope you're well...take care.


The JerseyNut said...

Oh, Erica!
It is always good to have you stop by; and dropping some yiddish (or was it German? or is there really any significant difference?) on us as well is an unexpected bonus...

But although I get the occasional shot of nerves, with all of the media pre-coronation of President Hillary (and Vice-President Obama, he of less age and experience than Dan Quayle), I still do NOT believe she can get elected. Wait until the people get reminded (not by the media, who will forget about it conveniently)about things like the "HillaryCare" debacle, Hil's shady land/banking deals, and worse of all, the return of Bill Clinton to his old lecherous stomping grounds in the White House. The American people are not that stupid, as they proved in 2004. But the pressure to prove oneself as pro-woman, and non-racist, by voting the "D" ticket in '08 will be tremendous...

Of course, assuming we haven't all been vaporized already by terrorists armed with Iranian-manufactured nukes....and I can see the last surviving liberal, saying, with his dying breath, that we deserved it....

But all this (along with global warming) is in the future!
Today is a good day.
Be well, Erica!

Erica said...

Oy it up, baby. It is a good day.

(That was German, btw. The two - Yiddish und Deutsche - are very similar.)

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton douchebag doujur. I read her book it takes a douchebag, I couldn't put it down. Nancy Pelosi is doing her part, now all we need is Hill on the hill. What a fucking mess, I think about to get sick.