Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ah, Paris in the Spring !

See the hatemongering racists come out to play, especially during the election season...E-nough! as usual provides an insight into the French soul, and like their armpits and body odor, it ain't pretty. The following comes from an anti-Sarkozy group; E-nough! provides more links and info:

What is he standing for? The Axis of Hatred!

What is it that psychologists say about "projection? Anyway... more fun stuff from Herr Goebbel's vault:

Washington - Tel Aviv - Sarkozy - The Infernal Triangle

In France, it is always 1938 - anti-Semitism with your coffee, and white flags ready for hoisting.

Well, they'd better be ready, because as those pesky French "youths" - you know, those car-burning, Jew-bashing, stone-throwing folks of unknown ethnic and religious origin - will honestly tell you:

"If Sarko wins on May 6, this is war"

I, for one, believe them.


Erica said...

Psychologists Shmycologists. One not need be a Freudian thinker to know how the French psyche operates. A shame that I'll never get to the Louvre, though. Unless, of course, it is magically transported to Museum Mile, NYC.

Freudian Slip said...

Why must everyone think that fear is the way to true power?

The JerseyNut said...

Sorry, Erica...but truth be told, I would feel safer walking thru Harlem dressed as a Klansman than thru France with a star of David.